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Welcome to hackergames.net! Within you'll find a comprehensive list of hacking and security related challenges, hackits, wargames, tools, and tutorials, along with user reviews. Enjoy! :)

Just performed the annual 'spring cleaning' where I go to every single site in the database and check them for dead links. *twitch... twitch...* All links should be active and working now. Thanks to bb and 'anon' for giving a hand. :)

 Challenge sites typically consist of a series of puzzles with increasing difficulty. By beating the puzzles, you generally advance in "rank", and sometimes gain extra site privileges and whatnot the further along you go.
Puzzles, Quizzes, etc.(5)
 These are logic problems and brainteasers that don't fit into the typical 'hackergame' motif, but are worth a try nonetheless. :)
 These are typically physical comptuers that are set up specifically for people to learn hands-on about computer security.
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